Independent travel is a fascinating process that delivers a lot of positive emotions, no matter if you are traveling or just relaxing by the warm sea.

This process begins long before boarding the plane. In order for your trip to take place, you need to buy air tickets, a profitable hotel, study the routes and attractions of the place you are planning to visit. In the era of the total Internet — only positive emotions. The main thing is to know some rules, and then your independent trip will become no more difficult than going to a travel agency for a ticket.


In fact, the choice of places where you can travel is huge, and it is limited only by the availability of free time. And here financial opportunities are not even important, since your trip can be very budgetary, while maintaining all the advantages of VIP tourism.

So. Naturally, you have your own preferences, which cities and countries you want to visit. Think about it and make a list of 4–5 cities according to your interests. Next, check if you need a visa to this country.

If you have an open visa, feel free to go to the ticket purchase point. If you do not have a visa, prepare all the required documents. Go to the page with the addresses of the visa centers and carefully study the necessary information.

Important. Prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa in advance, before purchasing air tickets. This will save you time and the process of obtaining a visa will not take much time. As practice shows, you can get a Schengen visa in no more than a week. Even at the height of the tourist season. But when planning a trip (in the event that you need to go through the visa application procedure), count on two weeks.


After you have bought a ticket (this is exactly what you buy, that is, the money will be debited from your card), proceed to search and book a hotel. Use the hotel reservation service for this.

Please note that booking conditions vary from hotel to hotel. A deposit is required in apartments — it is returned upon departure, but when choosing an apartment, you need to have an additional amount in cash.

Many hotels book rooms without prepayment. Try to choose such a hotel. In this case, you can always refuse if suddenly you do not like something at the hotel or your trip is disrupted. In addition, in this case, you are not tied to the length of your stay and you can always move to another hotel or extend your stay.


Once you’ve booked your hotel, your trip is almost complete. All you have to do is buy travel health insurance and obtain a visa (if required).

You have prepared the basic documents in advance for obtaining a visa, now attach to them a printout of an electronic ticket (it will come to you by e-mail), a printout of a hotel reservation. After collecting all the documents, go to the visa center and submit the documents.



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