Should I visit Prince Rupert?

2 min readMar 14, 2022


Prince Rupert is the second-largest city in British Columbia, Canada. It is located near the mouth of the Skeena River on the north coast, close to where it flows into Prince Rupert Bay.

Prince Rupert is considered the gateway to the West Coast of BC, Canada. The city comprises the communities of Prince Rupert, Terrace Heights, God’s Lake Narrows, Pelican Point-Ladysmith Harbour, Sunnyville-Bella Bella, and Stewart Park. Prince Rupert separates the Skeena River from Vancouver Island and also provides access to salmon fishing in its large watershed.

Is Prince Rupert worth visiting?

Prince Rupert is worth visiting for those who love to enjoy nature and wildlife but isn’t a hotspot for tourism. Prince Rupert is worth visiting if you are looking for a place to get away and be in nature. There are many tourist hotspots in the city that offer beautiful views of the coast.

If you like hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, Prince Rupert is worth your time. It’s a small city with lots of opportunities to explore.

How far is Prince Rupert from Vancouver?

Many people have asked this question, but the answer is not a straightforward one. This is because the distance between Prince Rupert and Vancouver varies depending on which route you take to get there. To find out how far it is, please see below.

-There are two routes:

1) You can travel by car to Prince Rupert and then take a ferry to Vancouver, which will take around 11 hours and cost $200 in gas; 2) You can travel by ferry from Seattle to Vancouver (6 hours in total), which will cost around $100 in gas.

Since the first route requires you to take a ferry to Prince Rupert and then back again, it will be more expensive than the second option of just taking the ferry from Seattle straight through to Vancouver.




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