Seattle ferry map

Seattle is a city on the northwest coast of the United States. It’s home to famous attractions like Pike Place Market, The Space Needle, and the Seattle Aquarium.

The water taxi to West Seattle leaves from near Alki Point Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1856.

Seattle has the most ferry terminals in the country with over 40. This is due to Seattle’s location on Puget Sound. There are two cruise ship terminals, King Street Pier and Colman Dock, which are served by passenger ferries.

Seattle ferry map is a must-have for every visitor in the city. It shows all ferry routes and departure times on a clear and easy-to-read map. It also features useful information about the neighborhoods, parks, museums, and other landmarks along each route.

The map has been designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve never been to Seattle before, this map will make your stay a lot easier!



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