Alaska marine highway map routes

The ferry, or boat, is a means of transportation that can be used to travel from one place to another. Ferries are typically defined by the type of service they offer, such as a car ferry or a passenger ferry.

Marine highway map routes provide an overview of the ferry lines worldwide and give you an idea of the type of available journeys.

A car ferry transports goods and passengers from one land-based point to another land-based point using a vessel that is driven into the water instead of off floating ramps like in a standard port. Passenger ferries typically have many decks for passengers to walk on and in some cases cafes and other amenities for passengers who choose not to bring their food.

The Alaska Marine Highway System has been providing marine highway service across Alaska’s Inside Passage since 1947. These routes encompass the Gulf of Alaska, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Cook Strait, and Norton Sound.



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